What Is The Price Of A Cellular Signal Repeater?

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Using A Cell Signal Repeater
Using A Cell Signal Repeater

You will want to have the best possible cellular signal for work or entertainment purpose. If the signal outside your building is weak, you would have to find ways to improve it. Using a cell signal repeater is one of those ways. A mobile signal amplifier is one of the most useful devices to have, especially in places where the signal is just not good enough.

So you might be planning to purchase one for better signals. In this case, one of the things that might determine your product choice will be the price. How much will it cost? There is no definite answer to this question. As with any other product, the rate of a cellular booster depends on many different things. Let us take a look at some of these factors so that you can make the best possible purchase decision.

The Type Of Booster

There is a wide variety of signal boosting equipments available in the market. The price of it can vary by the kind of product you want.

A femtocell can be described as a small cell tower that works with the help of an internet connection. It can be connected to the network of your carrier through your internet line. The likely price point for it is between $150 and $250.

Another product that serves the same purpose of a signal booster is a distributed antenna system. It can be costlier than your usual cellular booster. Then, there is the equipment meant for indoor use or in-the-vehicle use that usually does not cost as much as a DAS.

The Needed Coverage

The cost can also differ by the square footage you need the system to cover. How big is your building or area, where better signals are needed? For instance, if it is 100,000 square feet, you would have to spend much more money on a signal boosting system than you might think. That is because the system for that big a building would require the use of specialized equipment and optical fiber cables.

The Required Gain

The term ‘gain’ refers to the increase in the cellular reception that a mobile signal amplifier could offer. The booster gain you want will depend on the amount of cellular reception available just outside your residential or office building. Is the reception available there weak, strong or medium? Depending on that, you could do with a passive booster with minor gain or a powerful model that costs more money.