What Do You Mean By Uplink And Downlink Power Of A Signal Booster?

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A lot of customers do not know about uplink and downlink power. Most of them do not even know what these terms mean. Uplink and downlink refer to the two-way communication between the cellular devices and the cell tower. Uplink is the cell signal that leaves your cell phone and reaches the cell tower. Downlink is the cell signal that reaches your cell phone from the cell tower.

All the cellular devices use 3G, 4G, or 5G radio frequencies. If you have a weak cellular signal, it interrupts your ability to talk, text messages, send emails or browse the internet using your cell phone. Weak cell signals occur when there is an interruption in uplink or downlink in cellular communication. The best way to solve this issue is by installing a cell phone booster.

Working Of A Signal Booster

If you are tired of experiencing call drops and slow data speed regularly, it is time to use a signal booster. This device is specifically designed to improve cell reception and avoid call drops, slow data speed, undelivered text messages, etc. You can use a signal booster anywhere, including your home, office, basements, warehouses, cars, boats, RVs, etc.

The powerful outside antenna of the signal booster collects the existing outside cell signal and sends it to the amplifier unit using a coaxial cable. The amplifier unit will increase the strength of the cell signal to a usable level. This amplified cell signal is then sent to the inside antenna for rebroadcasting. The inside antenna will rebroadcast the amplified cell signals to all the nearby cellular devices that have a SIM card.

Effects Of Uplink And Downlink Power On Your Cellular Service

The strength of the cellular signal is measured in decibels (dB). If the cell signal strength is -50 dB, then you have the best signal strength. If the signal strength is -120 dB, you are in a dead zone. If the signal strength is between -90 dB and -100 dB, you have poor cell reception.

Certain factors like distance from the cell tower, physical barriers, construction materials, weather conditions, etc. could disrupt signal transmission. When the distance from the cell tower increases, it becomes very difficult for your cell phone to connect with the cell tower.

Most of the available signal boosters are restricted to a maximum gain of +70 dB. This increases the strength of the cell signals and improves the signal coverage massively.