Things To Look For Before Setting Signal Booster For Work

Cell Service Booster
Cell Service Booster
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Mobile Repeaters

Signal boosters are becoming an important piece of technology that should come hand in hand with cell phones nowadays. The digital space that we all are a part of revolves around speed and connectivity. Each is pointless without the other. Business has gradually grown from national boundaries to global extents. Anybody can work from anywhere at any time. With more and more of the world hinging on the internet, the requirement for a fast reliable connection has become all the more necessary. But what happens when your signal drops and this ends up affecting your business? That is a big price to pay. Before you run out to get a signal booster however, there are a couple of things you can keep in mind to ensure you get what you need.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

These are devices that help boost the strength of the signal. The signal that is broadcasted from the nearby cell tower is weakened as a result of interference from obstacles. These obstacles could be a 100 year old oak tree or even a nearby office building. The weak signal then causes your calls to sound crackled and unclear, and finally drop. That is where a mobile repeater comes to help! It consist of 3 parts namely the external antenna to hold onto the signal from the cell tower, the amplifier to amplify and boost the strength of the signal, and the internal antenna to broadcast the signal. The broadcasted signal is then received by your phone to enjoy clear sound!

What To Look For Before I Make A Purchase For My Office?

You need to understand what your requirements are.

How Big Is Your Office Space?

Is your office space small (1500 sq. ft.), and has only has a couple of room? Or is it much larger (7500 sq.ft.)? The signal booster you would need for a home office is different to a work space in the mall, with a much larger area (50000 sq. ft.)

What Is Your Budget? How Many People Are Expected To Be Connected?

If you have many employees expected to connect at the same time, then it is best to go for one that has higher bandwidth such as an Active DAS. But this will cost you more and will take upto even a year for all the approvals and installations.  If the numbers are small and you are in a hurry, then a Femto cell type booster will do the trick.