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The world is ever so subtly shifting from one technology to another. The past 30 odd years have opened our eyes in terms of cellular communication and technology. We were once tied down by rotary phones and now we can talk for hours, in the middle of a sprawling jungle without a hiccup. But as we make a shift from one tech to another, there are gaps in between that are often filled with doubt; the doubt of “is it time to make the jump or should I wait it out?” We have reached such a point yet again. This time the jump from 4G to 5G.

We have been hearing about 5G more and more nowadays. South Korea was the first country to truly make use of 5G technology on a city wide scale and it boasts of a penetration rate of a good, 80%. We can see videos on the internet of people showing off blindingly fast data speeds in South Korea and realisation hits you right on your face….5G really is amazing. Now with 5G technology making its way to the rest of the world, with even AT&T and Verizon making its first leaps and bounds in 5G tech in select regions in America, it is obvious that there will be a need for a 5G cell phone signal booster. The question that is on the minds of many is, is it time to make a shift to 5G cell phone signal booster from 4G cell phone signal booster? Let us see.

What Is 5G?

It is the 5th generation of mobile networking standard that is the successor to 4G. The new things that we will get to see in 5G include:

  • Faster Data Transfer Speeds: 5G could be 100 times more faster than 4G LTE. That is mind numbingly fast!
  • It Can Handle More Devices Simultaneously: 5G can handle 100 times more devices connecting to it than 4G LTE networks.
  • It Has Lower Latency: Latency is defined as the time it takes for a device to communicate over a network. The latency figures for 5G is 5 times lower; this would make it ideal for better real-time communication, augmented reality and many more applications.

Should I Buy A New Cell Phone Signal Booster Or Wait?

Some interesting news has come to light that will help you understand a little better about the 5G news that is happening around the globe:

  • 5G is coming, there is no doubt, but it will take a few years for the several carriers to build a nationwide 5G network and also for its customer base to begin upgrading to 5G phones. The manufacturers that have begun putting out 5G enabled phones are far and few and many out there are still contented with their 4G devices. Making a jump too fast would mean the telecom giants would end up spending a fortune on upgrading to 5G with no immediate returns on the investment. The existing 4G LTE network will most likely be supported and run till 2028, and will at least stay in prominence well into 2025.
  • Developing new amplifiers to support the 5G millimetre wave frequencies which are the 28, 37 and 39 GHz will take years. It will take additional time for the FCC to pass regulation allowing signal boosters to boost the frequency further.
  • 5G to 4G will turn the same path that it took for the world to upgrade from 3G to 4G LTE. The phones that will stop supporting 4G LTE won’t be released well into 2030. It is only after this point, that the thought of 5G cell phone signal booster needs to even come up in your mind.

Is 4G LTE Going Away Soon?

No, we are sadly a little far from 5G deployment. It will take years for it to be put to proper use and especially in suburban and rural locales, the time for penetration will be far longer. There are good number of analyst who say that it will take an upward of 2025 for any real change to come about.

Will I Have To Shell Out More For 5G?

Obviously. 5G is expected to be more costlier than 4G LTE, at least in the beginning stages. Telecom giant Verizon has said that their 5G access will be £8 more per month, than the existing unlimited data plan.

What Should You Do Now?

It is advised that you sit tight with your existing 4G call booster and don’t act in haste. If you are experiencing problems, get it fixed but avoid getting yourself a 5G call booster. If you have money to spare then go ahead by all means, but it is pointless if you don’t have a supporting 5G network in your area, or a 5G enabled cell phone. It is best that you don’t make any new call booster purchases and not upgrade for the next 10 years.