How To Solve Poor Cell Reception Problems In Your Apartment

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Apartment dwellers might often experience different problems associated with poor cell reception. Especially those who are living on lower floors. There might be different factors that block cell signals from entering your building. One of the possible reasons will be the distance between your apartment and the cell tower. If there is a long distance between your carrier’s tower and your apartment, the signal strength will be very low. Therefore, it can result in dropped calls, slow internet, etc.

Another problem that can block the cell signals from entering your apartment will your building materials. Different building materials can block the signals, so you will experience poor signal strength inside your apartment even if there is good signal quality on the outside. Other apartments and buildings might also block the cell phone signals.

If you are also experiencing this issue, this article can be helpful for you. We list some of the important solutions that can be helpful for you in these situations.

Signal Map The Apartment

You can find the cell reception in different areas of your apartment for knowing if there is a place that has good signal strength. For this, put your phone in field test mode and move around your apartment and note the strength of the signals in each location. You might find at least one location, where there is better signal reception. Moving to this area when you have to make a call or use the internet can be useful for you.

However, this may not be always possible, as the cell reception in that area can vary greatly at times. But it may be helpful for you in some circumstances, and also, it is free.

Get A Femtocell

If you are able to convince your service provider that the cell reception in your apartment is unacceptable then they might provide you with a femtocell (microcell), which can act as a tiny cell tower for giving localized signals in your apartment. But it comes with certain disadvantages, as you need a broadband connection and will have to compete with other network traffic. Hence, it might not be always the best choice for you.

Try A Cell Signal Booster

A cell signal booster is one of the best solutions you can get. They can boost the strength of the signals for providing you better cell reception. Cell phone signal boosters can receive signals even from long distances. Therefore, they can help to solve different problems associated with low signal quality. In addition to this, they can accept signals from different service providers and multiple cell towers. So cell signal boosters will work for you irrespective of which carrier you are using.