How To Improve Cell Reception In Commercial Buildings?

Cell Phone Booster For Metal Building
Cell Phone Booster For Metal Building
Cell Phone Repeater
Cell Phone Repeater

Most of the time cell reception and the signal strength in a big commercial building can be very weak. This may result in call drops, undelivered text messages, slow data speeds, etc. The best way to solve this problem is by installing a cell phone booster system in commercial buildings.

Reasons For Bad Cell Reception

Many factors cause call drops and slow data speed in a commercial building. The distance from the cell tower is one of those factors. If the building is located very far from the nearest cell tower, the cell signal received in the building will be very weak. The strength of the signal decreases with increases in distance.

Another reason for bad cell reception is the objects between the cell tower and the building that blocks the cell signal. These obstacles include mountains, hills, tall trees, buildings, dust in the air, etc. Bad weather can also result in weak cell reception. The user capacity of the cell tower is another reason. If the network traffic in the cell tower is heavy, it may result in weak cell reception.

Working Of A Cell Phone Repeater

By installing a cell phone repeater, you can improve the cell reception in your commercial building if you have a usable cell signal outside the building. There are mainly three components for a cell phone booster; an outside antenna, an amplifier, and an inside antenna. The outside antenna should be mounted outside the building to capture the existing outside signal. Usually, the outside antenna is mounted on the roof of the building.

The outside antenna is connected to the amplifier installed in the building via coaxial cable. The outside antenna will receive the weak cell signal and send it to the amplifier. The purpose of the amplifier is to boost the strength of the cell signal by many folds. An average signal booster can boost the signal by 32 times. The boosted signal is then redistributed inside the building using the inside antenna.

 How To Choose The Best Signal Booster?

When you buy a signal booster for a commercial building, you need to consider a few things.  The first thing is the size of the building. You might need to improve the cell reception in a large area inside the building. There are signal boosters that can cover up to 500,000 square feet. Also, check the strength of the outside signal before buying a signal booster and make sure to buy signal boosters that have a money-back guarantee and a warranty of at least two years.