How To Get The Maximum Performance From Your Cell Signal Boosters?

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Cell signal boosters have the capability to provide better signal strength inside your home/office. However, there are certain factors that can greatly affect their performance. This ranges from the distance of the cell tower to the locations you choose to install the components of the booster. So it is important for you to consider all these factors to get the best performance from your cell signal boosters.

A lot of people complain that they are not able to get better signal strength even after installing a cell phone signal booster. This might be because of the problems with the installation, the type of components you have chosen for your booster, etc. Hence, you have to be aware of different factors that might affect the working of your cellular signal boosters for deriving the maximum performance out of it. The following are some of the important tips that can help you to receive the maximum signal strength from your boosters.

Try To Use Shortest Cable Lengths Possible

Different components of your signal boosters are connected together with the help of cables. Both your interior/inside antenna and the exterior/outside antenna are connected to the amplifier using cables. So the signals from the exterior antenna will have to travel through these cables for reaching the amplifier. Similarly, the signals boosted by the amplifier will have to travel through a cable to reach the interior antenna for broadcasting.

The strength of the signals can decrease significantly when they travel through cables. Hence, the lengthier the cables are, the shorter will be the gain provided by your booster. So try to use the shortest cable lengths if it is possible for you.

Use The Best Cables

The quality of the cables you use can have a great impact on the performance of your booster. Using the best cables can help to reduce the loss of signals. Your booster kit might come with cables. However, if you are not getting better performance from your booster, then try to upgrade to high-quality cables. This might be useful for improving performance.

Ensure That There Is Enough Antenna Separation

The close proximity of your inside antenna and outside antenna can cause a problem called oscillation. It occurs when the signals from the inside antenna are captured by the outside antenna. So you have to make sure that there is enough distance between these antennas to prevent oscillation.

Oscillation can reduce the power of your cell signal booster. Hence, you have to make sure that your signal boosters are free of this phenomenon.

If you cannot increase the distance between your antennas, then try to introduce a shield between them. This will prevent the amplified signals from the inside antenna reaching the external antenna.

Be Careful When Choosing Your Outside Antenna

There are different types of antennas available for a signal booster. Hence, you have to choose an antenna that can be useful for your situation.

If you have good outside signal strength in your area (more than four bars) then it is recommended to use an omni-directional antenna. This antenna can accept signals from all directions and can support multiple carriers. But as their range is short, they are suitable for use in urban areas. You may not get the desired result if you use an omni-directional antenna in a rural area, as it is not capable of receiving signals from long distances.

If you are living in a rural or remote area, then it is better to use a uni-directional antenna. It can attract signals even from long distances. But they receive signals from only one direction. So a directional antenna can support multiple carriers only if their cell towers fall within its range. If you want to boost the signals from different carriers whose antennas are situated in opposite directions, then you will have to get separate directional antennas from both of them.

Install The Outside Antenna In The Right Location

The spot where you install your outside antenna can have a great impact on the performance of the booster. This antenna has the responsibility to accept the outside signals. So you have to install it in a location where it can receive the maximum signals. For this, conduct a site survey using your mobile phone to find the best spot for installing your outside antenna.

Choose A Suitable Location For Your Inside Antenna

You should choose a spot for installing your inside antenna based on the type of antenna you choose. If you are using a dome antenna, install it on your ceiling in a central location, as it will send signals equally in all directions.

But if you are using a panel antenna, then mount it on the wall, so that it can cover a long distance. But if you are trying to cover multiple floors using the panel antenna, then install it on the ceiling.

Considering the above factors when choosing and installing your cell signal boosters can be beneficial for getting the best performance from this device. This will help you to get better connectivity without any interruptions.