How To Fix Call Dropping Problems At Your Home?

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Billions of people are relying on smartphones for calling, messaging, browsing internet, voice chatting, etc. It is our way of staying connected to the world.  We rely too much on smartphones such that call drops will make us really frustrated. In this article, we will take a look at the reasons for call drops and how to fix them.

Reasons For Call Drops

Cell Tower Problems

When you make a phone call, your cell phone automatically connects to the nearest cell tower. Sometimes there arise some complications with the cell tower that might cause dropped calls. These complications can be the extreme cell traffic in one of the cell tower of a cellular network, power outages, or glitches in the backend software. One other reason that usually causes call drops when you are at your home is the range of the cell tower. Your house may not be located within range of a cell tower. This causes bad cell reception and result in call drops, slow data speed, etc.

Construction Materials

One other reason for call drops might be the materials that are used in the construction of your house. Materials like wire mesh, reinforced concrete, steel, aluminum, insulation, etc can cause call drops inside the building. These building materials block or reflect the cell signals coming from the cell tower. As a result, you receive only degraded cell phone signals. It is highly unlikely that these cell signals can facilitate a proper voice call.

Obstacles That Block Cell Signal

This is one of the most obvious reasons for call drops in urban areas. There will be a lot of tall buildings in urban areas that will block the cell signals coming from the cell tower. As a result, the cell signal you receive may not have enough strength to make a phone call. Apart from tall buildings, there are natural obstacles that block the cell signal. Hills, mountains, tall trees, bad weather, etc. can block the cell signals coming from the nearest cell tower.

How To Fix Call Drops?

The better and most efficient solution for call drops is to install a cell phone booster at your home. A signal booster is a device that improves the cell reception inside your house so that you will never experience call drops or slow data speed ever again.

A signal booster mainly has three components; an exterior antenna, an amplifier, and an interior antenna. The purpose of the exterior antenna is to catch the existing outside signal and send it to the amplifier inside the house through the coaxial cable. The amplifier then increases the strength of the cell signal. The interior antenna will then redistribute the boosted cell signal to all the devices inside the house.