Can Weather Have An Adverse Effect On Cell Signals?

Improve Cell Coverage
Improve Cell Coverage
Improve Cell Coverage
Improve Cell Coverage

Many individuals ask if the weather affects their mobile phone signal reception. It does affect the reception. When weather conditions are bad, you might notice your device acting in a different way. At this time, you might wonder how to get better cell signal. Keep reading to know how it happens, plus the way of solving it.

In What Way Does Weather Impact Cellular Signal?

It could just interfere with the signal of yours in a direct or an indirect way. Weather conditions directly altering the path of the radio frequency (RF) waves, results in direct interference. For instance, heavy rain makes the waves bounce about because the signal tries to go through the drops of water.

Obstacles beyond your control that compromise, block, and occasionally terminate the cell signal results in indirect interference. For instance, lightning damaging your nearest cell site means you losing reception.

How The Wind Affects The Signal

Wind alone does not interfere with the signal in a direct manner. Anyhow, high winds might just interfere with it in an indirect way. The wind could just damage antennae, cell sites, and electrical equipment units related to the towers, thereby making you lose the full cell service.

The wind coupled with extreme weather phenomena is likely to have a direct and indirect effect on the cellular reception of yours.

How To Tackle Weather-Induced Signal Problems

There exist many different ways to improve cell coverage, irrespective of what the causal factors in the issues are. For one, a signal amplifier can aid in improving weak cellular signals at home, in an automobile, or your workplace building. It can have the said effect even if atmospheric conditions result in the said issues.

The repeater uses the signal available outdoors, and amplifies it to make your signal strength better, and by extension, improve the services that rely on it. Has the signal ever dropped from three signal bars to a single bar in the course of a rainstorm? If yes, utilizing an amplifier would help fix the issues that the event brings about.

There are other forms of signal boosting systems, besides the one mentioned above. You might want to utilize these according to many different factors, including your building’s layout. For instance, if it has multiple floors, then you would want to utilize an active distributed antenna system (DAS) for ensuring reception throughout the property.