Are There Any Benefits Of Having A Signal Booster At Home

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Poor cell reception is a very common issue in rural areas. People living in rural areas and other remote locations often experience slow internet speed, call drops, undelivered text messages, etc and all of these are caused by poor cell reception.

There are several reasons for having a weak cell reception in your house. The most common one is the distance from the cell tower. When you are living too far away from the cell tower, the cell signals will not reach your cellular devices properly. When the distance from the cell tower increases, the strength of the cell signals coming from the cell tower decreases.

Other reasons for poor cell reception include weather, obstacles that block the cell signals like building materials, mountains, trees, etc. and heavy network traffic. The simple solution for poor cell reception at your home is the signal booster.

What Is A Signal Booster?

A signal booster is an electronic device that is designed specifically to receive, amplify, and rebroadcast the cell signals. If you have poor cell reception at your home or office, installing a cell phone booster is the best choice.

The signal booster receives the cell signals using its external antenna. The amplifier unit of the signal booster increases the cell signal strength to a usable level. The internal antenna of the signal booster will redistribute the boosted cell signals to all the nearby cellular devices.

Benefits Of Signal Booster

Here are some of the major benefits of having a cell phone booster at your home.

No More Call Drops

One of the main reasons for installing a signal booster at your home is the call drops. It is frustrating to experience call drops in the middle of an important conversation. The main reason for call drops is the poor cell reception. You won’t get a strong cell signal that helps to make a call. Fortunately, installing a signal booster will help you. The signal booster increases the cell signal strength and allows you to make calls without any interruption.

Better Voice Clarity

This is another major advantage of a signal booster system. If your signal strength is weak, you won’t be able to make a proper voice call. You won’t be able to hear the person on the other end properly because of too much noise and distortion, which occurs due to the poor connectivity. Using a signal booster, you can amplify the cell signals. Better signal strength will reduce the noise and distortion, and you will have better voice clarity during a call.

Increases Data Speed

We cannot imagine a world without the internet anymore. It has become an important aspect of our daily lives. We use the internet for sending emails, browsing news, connecting with friends, watching videos, and many more. Moreover, many of today’s businesses rely on a strong internet connection. However, poor cell reception won’t allow proper internet access. The cell signal strength can be increased using a signal booster and you will be able to browse the internet without any interruptions. You will be able to upload and download at high speed with the help of a signal booster.

Improve The Battery Life

One of the main problems with poor cell reception is that it drains our cell phone battery. If you do not have a proper cellular connection, your cell phone will use more power to find a proper cell signal to make a voice call or browse the internet. Installing a signal booster at your home helps to increase your battery life by providing a strong cell signal. when you have a strong cell signal, your cell phone won’t use any extra power to send and receive data.

How To Install The Signal Booster At your Home?

Installing a signal booster system at your home is very easy and you won’t need any professional help for that. Most of the signal boosters come with an instruction manual that will help you to install the device.

The first step of the installation process is finding the right spot for the external antenna. Find the area outside your house where the cell reception is better and mount the external antenna there. Try to install the antenna as high as possible.

The next step is to install the amplifier unit inside your house. Install the unit where you want better cell reception. But make sure that it is near a power outlet and away from direct sunlight. Then mount the internal antenna on the wall or the ceiling of the room.

Finally, connect both the antennas to the amplifier unit using coaxial cables. After connecting the antennas, plug-in the amplifier unit to the power outlet and switch it on. You will see the green light flashing which means you will start receiving proper cell signals.

When you install the antennas, make sure that there is enough distance between them to avoid oscillation.