Why do Shopping Malls Need Signal Booster?

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When you visit a shopping mall, most often you might notice that even though you have good cell coverage outside the mall, you won’t get a good cell reception inside the mall. You won’t even have a signal to make a call. It is very annoying and it affects our overall shopping experience.

Let’s take a look at the reasons for weak cell reception inside shopping malls and how you can overcome them.

What Causes Poor Cell Reception In Shopping Malls?

There are several things that cause poor cell reception inside a shopping mall. The main two reasons are the materials used in the construction of the mall and the number of devices in the building. The roofs of most shopping malls are built with metal plates that repel mobile signals. That means most of the cell signals coming from the cell towers bounce back and only a little amount of cell signal gets inside.

The big windows of many of the modern shopping malls are coated with metal oxide for protection. The metal coating will block the cell signal from coming inside. Also, the partition walls that bear aluminum sheets create isolation, which results in poor cell reception inside the mall.

Like all the other big buildings, shopping malls are also made with thick precast concrete that will block the cell signal. People inside the building can also become the reason for poor cell reception. When more people inside the building use mobile phones at the same time, the network traffic will be heavy and the cell signal becomes weaker and that makes it difficult to make a call or browse the internet.

Solution For Poor Cell Reception In Shopping Malls

We have already discussed that there are multiple reasons for poor cell reception inside buildings. We can overcome these obstacles by implementing a simple solution, cell phone booster. It is a device that can increase the signal strength to a usable level. A cell phone repeater simply takes the cell signal from outside and amplifies it for rebroadcasting it to multiple devices inside the building.

The external antenna of the cell phone booster will be placed outside the mall. Its purpose is to catch the outside cell signal and send it to the amplifier unit via coaxial cable. The amplifier unit will clean the signal and increase its strength many times. The amplified cell signal is then redistributed by an internal antenna to different areas inside the mall.