Weak Cell Signals And Cell Phone Signal Boosters

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Have you ever had an experience where your cell phone dropped a call or couldn’t connect to the internet despite you having a generous data plan? This generally happens because the signal getting to the phone is not strong enough for a robust connection. When your reception is weak like this, it often helps if you have a cell phone booster to pick up the slack.

Causes Of Weak Signals

There are two main reasons why a cell signal might be weak. The first of these is the more obvious: the phone is too far away from the nearest tower. Since cell phones work on RF, this problem can arise whenever you go out of coverage area.

The second reason is that there may be obstructions to the signal coming in from the tower. Some of the most common potential obstructions include the following.

  • Natural obstructions like trees, hills, and mountains.
  • Building materials like wire mesh, metal siding, and concrete.
  • Energy efficient products like radiant barriers and window tinting.

Even a single one of these things can make it hard for your phone to get a signal, but if there is more than one in play, then it’s almost guaranteed that you will not get reception. It’s during times like this that a signal booster can do some good.

Choosing A Signal Booster

The first step when it comes to picking a signal booster to buy, is considering the carrier you have subscribed to. There would be a specific radio frequency for your carrier alone, and a particular network, such as 2G, 3G, LTE, or 4G. After you figure that out, you can move on to choosing the best amplifier and exterior antenna. Among the latter you have the omnidirectional type which boosts signal from more than one network and carrier.

On top of these things, you would also need to consider where you live (urban, suburban, or rural area), and choose the best exterior antenna. Then there is also the area that needs to be covered by the signal booster, in which case which you would need to be looking at the interior antenna component. Lastly, you will need to decide on the shortest possible cable length, because the cable used to connect the components of a signal booster system would leak some of the signal’s strength. Get the best high-quality cable if possible, especially for the part of connecting the exterior antenna and the amplifier.