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A signal booster is a device that is used to enhance or strengthen the mobile network reception in a particular area. There are mainly three parts in a signal booster, the outside antenna, amplifier, and, inside antenna. There are many types of cell phone boosters and each of them is used for specific locations such as for home, office, vehicle, etc. The parts of the signal booster also vary depending on the type. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the most suitable booster as per the needs of the consumer, and for that purpose, it is necessary to consider the following.

Strength Of The Outside Signal

A signal booster functions by procuring the weak signals from the immediate surrounding and strengthening it with the help of an amplifier. Some boosters are specifically built to expand the signal reception, while others are to improve the signal strength. Therefore, the type of signal booster depends on purpose and location, that is, if a person is planning to install the same in a hilly area, where the signal strength is very poor, he may need a powerful amplifier, and if they are looking for one to fix in their office located at an urban area, they can choose a low range amplifier.

Total Area To Be Covered

One of the most important things that must be considered before installing a signal booster is the total area that is required to be covered. There are mainly two types of boosters; one is efficient in enhancing the signal reception of a small area, like a room or a floor, while the other is efficient in enhancing the signals for a larger area like building. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the total area and get an appropriate device that can serve the purpose.

Calculate The Signal Availability

The uniform measurement used to denote signal strength is decibels. But most of the people are calculating it based on the bars displayed in the mobile device. The signal strength between -90dBm to -120dBm is considered very weak but it can be improved with the help of a signal booster. But if the signal strength is less than -120dBm, a signal booster may not be able to contribute much towards its enhancement.

Before purchasing a mobile network booster, it is necessary to check all the above criteria to find the perfect device. It is also necessary to check whether all the components including the connecting cables are available in the package that you are planning to buy.