Points To Know Before Installing Cell Phone Booster For Metal Building

Cell Phone Booster For Metal Building
Cell Phone Booster For Metal Building
Cell Phone Booster For Metal Building
Cell Phone Booster For Metal Building

One of the common issues of metal buildings like commercial warehouses is that it is difficult to get good cellular reception inside them because metal surfaces degrade cell phone signal quality. Because of this, you get bad signal reception inside, even if the outside signal strength is good. The most reliable way to resolve this problem is to use a cell phone booster for metal building. These are devices that capture weak cell phone signals, amplify them, and retransmit them back to your phones. Read on to know more about the use of cell phone boosters for metal buildings.

The Working Of Cell Phone Signals

Cell phone signals are RF (radio frequency) waves that pass through different types of materials. These signal waves are strong when originating from the source, i.e. cellular tower, but as they travel more distance, the strength is lowered due to various environmental and physical barriers. Generally, the outdoor signal strength will be good, but inside buildings, the signal strength can be low because the materials used for construction like glass, metal wires, etc., are bad conductors of RF cellular signals and can weaken the signals. This is one of the reasons people get bad signal reception at the center of buildings.

Methods To Measure Cellular Signal Strength

The most accurate way to measure cellular signal strength is to take decibel (dB) readings, and it is measured in the unit decibel-milliwatts (dBm). The quality of a cell phone signal ranges between -50dBm to -120dBm.The signal strength is best when the reading is -50dBm, and as the reading gets higher, the quality is reduced accordingly, so -120 dBm is considered a dead zone. As cell phone signals pass through building materials like metal, more decibel units are subtracted from the signal strength, reducing the quality of the signal.

Improving Cell Phone Signal Strength Inside a Metal building

There are multiple ways by which you can improve cellular connectivity inside metal buildings like using a Wi-Fi network to make calls and for internet connectivity. But, as more people begin using it, the network became congested resulting in reduced internet speeds and lower call quality. The other reliable solution is to use a cell phone service booster that is designed to be used inside metal buildings.

Cell phone booster for metal building is made up of three units outside antenna, amplifier, and inside antenna(s). It willimprove cell phone signal quality and offers a coverage area ranging from 2000 to 3000 sq ft. Also, under optimal conditions, it can give coverage area of up to 5000 sq ft.

These are some of the points that you should know before using a cell phone booster for metal building.