Is The 3G Sunset Nearing?

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The 5G era is bound to begin, and most of you might have heard of the promise that this technology can revolutionize the way we communicate and exchange information at lightning fast speeds. There is no doubt that 5G is poised for a sprint somewhere around 2025, but what is the story for older generation telecommunication technology? What does this mean for the likes of 4G and 3G technologies?

If you are still hooked to the 3G network, then you have the short end of the stick, as the shutdown process has very much begun. Recently Vodafone Netherlands shut down its 3G operations, and many major cellular players from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all ready to make the leap in the North American markets.

If you are still using an older generation phone that utilizes either 2G or 3G, then be ready to experience poor mobile usage, if you don’t act soon enough.

What Exactly Is The 3G Shutdown?

It would be quite pointless to lull the reader to sleep talking about the intricacies. For all purposes, all we need to know is that there are a limited number of frequencies that are available to be used by cell phones and other cellular devices to be operated. What this essentially means is that there is existing 3G and 2G infrastructure that is making use of the frequency, which can be used by the newer generations such as 4G and 5G, with the subsequent generations being more cost-effective and in higher demand owing to its superior capabilities.

This has led to the inevitable shutdown of 2G and now, 3G networks. With 5G making itself known in the scene, it is time to for additional frequency bands to find its place, and the only way to do that is to wave goodbye to 3G.

When Can We Hope For 3G To Shut down?

There is no exact date that is pre-planned by all the telecom giants in their respective countries. In the US, the “Big Four” which are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have all decided on shutdown dates somewhere around 2022. They have already begun to decommission towers and related infrastructure.

If you are starting to experience reception issues such as constantly dropped calls and slow data connection, then there is a high possibility that you are using a susceptible device in an affected area. As for 2G, it is as extinct as the Dodo with all of the major network providers packing their bags and shutting shop, except for T-Mobile. They are planning to shut shop too, by the end of 2020.

Will You Be Affected By The Changing Tides?

If you are a 3G user, then the definite answer is yes. 3G is an aging technology, but what is surprising is that you are not the only one- there are close to 47 million people in the United States alone, who are still using 3G networks.

If you are a 3G user then you have no other choice than to upgrade your devices to a 4G or a future proof 5G enabled. But the effects of 3G shutting down is not limited to only cellular devices like smartphones- even IoT devices and their controllers make use of 3G modems and other technologies like GPRS. When the shift out of 3G happens, your smart refrigerator and watch will be as dumb as a rock.

Not just 3G, but the upgrades can affect 4G enabled devices too. When 3G infrastructure is put down, the effects are spread to those 4G devices that don’t have Voice Over LTE or VoLTE Technology. Even if you have a 4G device, if it doesn’t support VoLTE, then you are just in as much trouble as the outgoing 3G devices.

What Should You Do?

If not a newly released 5G enables phone, at least get a 4G/LTE enabled phone that supports VoLTE- That way you will be in the clear. In the next couple of years, it is expected that most of the calls will be made as voice calls over LTE networks.

The point we would like to make it plain and simple: Upgrade.

Are You Still Suffering From A Case Of Terrible Cell Reception?

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