Installing Signal Boosters For Your Homes

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While sitting at home, have your experienced sluggish mobile signals? If you have then you already know how frustrating it is. How to increase mobile signal strength? The answer you are seeking is “by installing mobile signal boosters.” As a normal customer, one of the common concerns you will have is whether or not the installation is easy. Continue reading to find out.

Although it is a multi-step process, installing a mobile signal booster for your homes is real simple. It will be elaborated in the manual. The main steps are discussed below.

Track Best Outdoor Signal

As the first step towards the successful installation of a mobile signal booster in your house, track down the spot where you get the strongest signal. This is crucial and cannot be skipped at any cause. Walk around, cover the entire perimeter of your house and of course, you have to hold your mobile phone in hand while doing this. Figure out the direction from where your phone is receiving its strongest signal. If yours is a smartphone, there are apps you can download that will tell you exactly where your phone is receiving maximum strong signals from right outside of your house. Or you could always go by the traditional way of looking at the screen of your mobile phones and counting the number of bars being displayed. That works too.

Install Outdoor Antenna

As a next step for the installation, mount the outdoor antenna on the roof of the house. Remember to mount it in the direction from where your mobile phone was getting maximum signals. Place the outdoor antenna as high as you can. Also, remember to point it away from your house and towards the direction of the nearest network tower.

Connect To Signal Booster Equipment

After mounting the outdoor antenna, connect it with the booster unit using the coaxial cables that came with the kit. You could either run the cables through your attic or window, choose wisely. When you are placing the amplifying unit or the booster unit, ensure that the room is perfectly ventilated.

Install Indoor Antenna

Depending on where your home lacks a mobile signal, place the indoor antennas. Connect it using the other set of cables provided.

Switch on

Plug the booster unit to the power socket and switch on the device. Wait for the green lights to get turned on and enjoy boosted mobile signal.