How To Improve Cell Phone Signal At Home?

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How To Improve Phone Signal
How To Improve Phone Signal

Many of us have encountered bad phone signal reception and there can be nothing more frustrating than this. It can be due to a multitude of reasons such as interference, building materials, weather conditions or no coverage by the cellular tower or the network. Also, the increase in the number of cell phone users in an area can reduce signal reception or even result in dropped calls as the tower is overloaded with traffic. So, how to improve phone signal?

Remove Object Causing Interference With Cellular Reception

In order for your phone to have good signal reception, there should not be any kind or minimal obstruction in the line of sight between the phone and the cellular tower. So, you can either shift the object or move closer to an open area such as window, balcony, roof top etc. Occasionally, bad weather such as rains, thunder storms, hurricanes and snow can deteriorate signal quality and gets fixed when the weather gets better. Sometimes, electronic devices at home can cause electromagnetic interference with phone signals and shifting or moving them can resolve the issue. Therefore, to ensure good signal reception at home or office maintain a clear line of sight between the device and cellular tower.

Avoid Critically Low Cell Phone Battery Status

When the cell phone is connecting to the nearest cellular tower or searching for signal it uses the battery and thereby drains it. Phones are programmed to use less power for this and as a result reduced battery levels causes reduced signal reception. So, to avoid such situations use phone in power saver mode, reduced screen brightness, lesser internet data usage and try to make the best of public Wi-Fi facilities.

Find The Nearest Cellular Tower

The farther you are from the cellular tower, the weaker the cell phone signal reception. So, find the place at your home or office where it is nearer to the tower and you will get good cellular signal reception.

Use Wi-Fi

Cellular service providers as well as smartphones offer the facility to make Wi-Fi calls utilising broadband internet connection. So, if there is bad signal reception at your home or office you can make use of this facility.

Use Cellular Signal Booster

Cellular signal boosters improve weak cellular signal by boosting them with an amplifier, retransmitting it to cellphone and vice versa. They are two way devices consisting of an outside antenna, amplifier and an inside antenna. In most cases they amplify the signal up to 32 times and can ensure good signal reception in places with minimal connectivity or bad signal reception.

There are other methods as well by which you can improve the cell phone signal reception such as, femtocells which are mini cellphone towers provided by the service provider.