How To Boost Cellular Signal In Your Vehicle?

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Nowadays, office life is not restricted inside four walls or a building. You might have to walk to the next street to get lunch or drive 2 hours from your office to meet a client. In fact, we spend a lot of time commuting to our office and back from there. We drive even on our holidays. All our leisure activities involve travelling even watching a movie in a theatre. We can’t avoid traveling when we want to have delicious food either. In short, we spend a considerable amount of our time in our vehicle- be it a car, bus or any form of public transport.

Don’t you want this part of your day which you spend traveling to go on smoothly? What if your cell phone loses its reception making it impossible for you to make a call? This is more likely to happen as you can never predict how strong the cellular signal is in a place. But, there are a few things you can do during such situations-

Move It Around

When you experience low cellular signal in your vehicle, try moving your phone from its previous position and note how you have placed it on your hand. Ensure that any object or the car isn’t blocking your phone’s internal antenna from receiving the carrier signal. Also, try this only after stopping your vehicle somewhere for safety. We care for you!

Stop Somewhere Safe

The constant movement of the vehicle while driving can prevent the phone from detecting the signal strength. Stopping for a minute will re-establish the connection and you can carry on making your call.

Moreover, stepping out of the vehicle can highly increase the chances of you getting a stronger reception since the vehicle itself is an obstruction. The metal and coated glass, which makes up the exterior of the vehicle, block carrier signals from being detected.

Try Switching From 4G To 3G

The number of people using 4G is higher than that of using 3G services. Thereby, switching to 3G will increase the chances of you getting a stronger signal. Perhaps, 2G service might be better at that point- so try 2G too.

Cellular Signal Booster

A cellular signal booster amplifies weak carrier signals making it available to your phone. There are also cellular signal boosters that amplify signals for all the phones in the vehicle. Buy the best signal booster in the market and enjoy your journey no matter where you go.