How Oscillation Can Affect Your Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

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Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters can help you to overcome the problems associated with poor cell reception. These devices have the capability to accept the existing signals and boost them to provide better connectivity. Hence, these devices are becoming a great help for people who are living in areas where there is very poor signal quality.

Even though cellular signal boosters can provide you better signal strength, there are some problems that can adversely affect the performance of these devices. Oscillation is one such problem that can interfere with the working of your boosters. Therefore, through this article, we provide you some important information about oscillation and the ways to troubleshoot it.


This is a commonly found problem in cell phone signal boosters. It happens when there is not enough distance between your internal and external antennas. If the antenna separation is not enough, then the signals from your internal antenna will reach the external antenna, resulting in oscillation. Oscillation creates a feedback loop that can damage your boosters. In addition to this, it might even disrupt the cellular network itself.

To avoid such problems, most cellular signal boosters come with the ability to detect oscillation and take corrective measures automatically. This can prevent the damaging of the boosters and the disruption of the cellular network.

When a signal booster detects oscillation, it will reduce the gain for preventing the signals from the internal antenna reaching the external antenna. But this can reduce the performance of the boosters significantly. If the problem is not solved even after reducing the gain, then the signal booster will shut itself down for preventing damage. Therefore, you will have to eliminate the oscillation problems for facilitating better working of your boosters.

How To Trouble Shoot Oscillation?

You have to increase the distance between your internal and external antennas for preventing the signals from the internal antenna reaching your external antenna. Try vertical separation or horizontal separation. Both can be useful for eliminating oscillation, however, vertical separation is more effective than horizontal separation.

If you use a uni-directional antenna, then make sure to point it away from the building for preventing oscillation. If the problem is not solved yet, then you can introduce some hindrance between the antennas. Your chimney or air-conditioning unit will be useful for this. This will help you to prevent the oscillation problem, thereby regaining the performance of your booster.

Oscillation is a common issue that might interfere with the performance of your cell phone signal boosters. It is important for you to prevent this problem to avoid damaging your boosters. The tips mentioned above can be useful for you to troubleshoot te problem of osicillation.