How Are Cellular Boosters Classified?

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Cell phones, in various ways, made our life easier, faster, and more efficient. With the features of a cell phone, we have learned to watch movies in it, listen to songs, call our loved ones from the other end of the globe and so many other activities. We have reached a point in life where we cannot spend an hour of the day without our phone and its internet services. Our routine from the beginning of the day till the end before we sleep depends on our phones.

What will happen if you are stuck in a remote location without a strong cellular reception? The best solution will be to buy a cellular signal booster. A cellular signal booster amplifies the carrier signal from the nearest tower using an antenna and transmits it to your phone via a second antenna. Your phone will receive a stronger signal due to the amplification. But, it must be confusing to find so many different types of cellular boosters in the market! Especially since layman can hardly understand how it is classified. In this blog post, I will be explaining to you the basic classifications of cellular boosters.

Cellular boosters are classified into two depending on where they are used-

  • Used in offices, houses and other buildings- cellular boosters used in such places are fixed in particular spots from where they amplify carrier signals and send out the stronger signal.
  • Used in cars, buses, trains, and other vehicles- cellular boosters used in vehicles have to constantly move which necessitates the need for additional hardware.

They are also classified into different types according to the generation of the cellular technology they belong to-

  • 3G cellular boosters – such cellular boosters are used to work with 2G and 3G technologies like GSM, CDMA, UMTS, HDMA, AWS.
  • 4G cellular boosters – this type of cellular boosters work with LTE and advanced LTE which is called LTE plus in the US and Canada.

They are also classified based on consumer base-

  • Consumer signal boosters – These are signal boosters that can be used in limited number of places like houses and vehicles.
  • Industrial signal boosters – These are meant to cover larger areas like colleges, schools or airports.
  • Part 90 signal boosters – These are a special type of industrial signal boosters that are mainly used for public safety and Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR).