Different Types Of Signal Boosters

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Cell Phone Boosters

Cell phone boosters or signal boosters are devices that can be used to boost the strength of the cell signal in an area. It is made up of three main components, an exterior antenna, an amplifier, and an interior antenna. The exterior antenna will capture the existing outside signal and send it to the amplifier. The purpose of the amplifier is to increase the strength of the cell signal to a usable level. The interior antenna will rebroadcast the boosted cell signal to all the nearby devices.

Bad cell reception is very frustrating because it may lead to call drops and slow data speed that disrupts our daily activities. It can be caused by distance from the cell tower or obstacles that block the cell signals coming from the cell tower. A signal booster is an ideal option for getting a stronger cell reception.

Types Of Cell Phone Boosters

In-Home Signal Booster

These types of signal boosters are designed to use inside a building, such as your home, office, or basement. An average in-house signal booster can boost cell signals in 2 or 3 rooms. The range of in-house signal boosters comes between 2,000 and 4,000sq. ft. The performance of an in-house signal booster will depend upon the strength of the outside signal.

In-Vehicle Signal Booster

You will always experience call drops or slow data speed while traveling. An in-vehicle signal booster is a perfect solution for call drops. Based on the types of vehicles, there are different in-vehicle signal boosters available. Some in-vehicle boosters are designed only for small vehicles like a car or a pick-up truck. Most of the signal boosters only support one user at a time. You can install the in-vehicle signal boosters with the help of the instruction manual.

In-Building Signal Boosters

An in-building signal booster is similar to the one used in your home or office. But the main difference is that an in-building signal booster can cover more range and significantly more powerful that allows multiple users at a time. In-building signal boosters are so powerful that they can cover up to an area of 100,000 sq. ft. Industrial grade signal boosters need approvals from respective network carriers. You might also need certified installers for the installation of in-building signal boosters.

M2M Signal Boosters

Machine to machine or M2M signal boosters are the type of cellular repeaters that are used for boosting cell reception for the machine to machine applications that need a cellular network for communicating with each other. M2M signal boosters are essential for the smooth functioning of ATMs, vending machines, digital signage etc.