Characteristics Of Good Cell Signal Boosters

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When getting a cell signal booster for your home, you need to analyze its quality for making sure that it provides better performance. Your signal booster should perform well for getting the intended results. Hence, you have to be aware of the features to look for in a good signal booster. This helps in ensuring the best performance from your cell phone booster. The following are some of the important qualities to consider while purchasing a cell signal booster.

Bi-Directional Amplification

Boosting the signals coming from the cell tower is just not enough to establish a stable connection. The signals from your phone should also reach the cell tower for maintaining the connection. Hence, your booster must efficiently boost uplink as well as downlink signals. Downlink signals refer to the signals that are received from the nearby cell tower. On the contrary, uplink signals are those signals that travel from your phone back to the tower. When getting a signal booster, it is significant to ensure that it is capable of amplifying both uplinks as well as downlink signals.

High Sensitivity

Even the faintest cell signals must be captured by the device. The signal booster boosts the signals they receive. Hence, their ability to receive the signals is an important factor that decides their performance. Thus, while purchasing one of these for your homes, look for high receiver sensitivity.

High Uplink Boosting Power

This is another important factor that can have a great impact on the quality of the cell signal booster. Your booster should be able to amplify the uplink signals. This is necessary for maintaining a reliable connection with your cell tower. Also, better uplink amplification can be useful for you to save the battery charge of your phone, as it won’t have to put much effort to establish a stable connection.

Oscillation Detection

Oscillation is an issue that can commonly affect your cell phone boosters when the amplified signals from the interior antenna of the booster are detected by the exterior antenna. This can create a closed-loop that might even affect the cellular network. So detecting the problem and taking the necessary preventive measures must also be a trait of the device you have purchased. Usually, cellular signal boosters will switch to low output power when they detect this problem and they will shut themselves off if the problem was not solved by reducing the gain.

When getting a cell phone signal booster, remember to bear the above factors in mind. This will help you get a booster with high quality and performance.