Fixing Your Terrible Smart Phone Signal

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Cell Phone Signal Repeater
Cell Phone Signal Repeater

Nowadays, a poor signal is enough for someone to raise an eyebrow. If it were to happen all too often, then there is no telling of what madness can ensue. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and anything that disrupts it is dealt with…well, frustration and annoyance.

Now, it would be wrong to assume that the reception woes are always the doing of your network carrier, and it could very well be other factors. Whatever the reason is, all you should worry about is to boost the number of bars that are visible on the signal strength icon at the corner of your phone screen.

There are many network carriers that offer cheap and inexpensive solutions to help you boost the strength of the cell signal-even a free device that you can plug into and extend the cellular signal. One of the cheap options would be to make use of Wi-Fi calling. There is no need for you to even have a cell signal.

Wi-Fi Calling And Texting

Wi-Fi calling and texting have become the staple of the most household around the world. Modern smartphones can make calls and send messages over a Wi-Fi network and not a cellular one. If you have a Wi-Fi connection set up at work or at home, then you are good to go.

The Wi-Fi feature of smartphones is automatic and seamless, meaning that it shifts from a Wi-Fi connection to a cellular one if you are out of range, or if the strength of the Wi-Fi is absurdly low. When the strength of the Wi-Fi signal is back, or if you are within range then it connects to it. You can stay connected to the world around you, with no interruptions.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

What your cell phone could use, is a cell phone signal booster. It is a device that is primarily for boosting and increasing the strength of the incoming and outgoing cell signal. If you have at least a single bar on your cell phone, then you are good to use a cell phone signal repeater. The device has an external antenna for catching cell signal from the nearest tower, and an internal antenna to broadcast signals that are boosted by the amplifier unit of the cell phone repeater. You can get a good signal throughout the house, and even multiple cellular devices can hook on to it.

This is perfect for places that have weak cellular coverage. However, one key requirement is that there has to be a signal to boost. If you are at a place where your cell cannot even detect a signal then there is very little ‘boosting’ that the cell phone signal booster can accomplish.

If this is the case, then the next option is best suited for you.

Femtocell Or Microcell

This is a low-power cellular base station that connects to your cell network by means of a broadband internet connection. It is like a miniature cell tower that will get you a cell signal near your home by means of connecting to a larger mobile network through the internet connection. This makes it the perfect addition for when you are in a place that has absolutely no signal. If you are in a rural or outskirt setting, then look no further than a Femtocell. You will need to contact your individual network operator to hook you up and get you running.

There is a catch, though.

Your internet connection needs to be of high enough speed. There are different carriers that require a minimum download speed, and as long as you have a solid broadband internet connection you should be good. If you don’t have a good broadband connection, then get one installed; or else godspeed to you.

Another solution would be to use Wi-Fi calling, and you won’t require any hardware. But for devices that are older and don’t have Wi-Fi capabilities, the femtocell is the perfect addition.

What Should Your Choice Be?

What is the perfect solution for you to fix your reception issues, boils down to what you have left to fiddle around with. If you have poor signal strength, but there exists a cell signal, then it would be a better choice for you to go for a cell phone signal booster. If you have absolutely nothing to work with, then you have no option but to go for femtocells.

If you have a strong internet connection, then you can potentially live off of Wi-Fi calling and texting to meet your communication needs. All of these are great remedies to rectify your reception, in their own right.

Plus, if you have an expandable budget then you can get upgraded forms of the cell phone boosters that can help to service multiple devices at the same time.